Radiation Doctors and Therapists

We are currently setting up a network of health care professionals who specialise in radiation and health.  If you are experiencing symptoms that you think may be caused by radiation and you want to be referred to a doctor or therapist who specialises in radiation-related ailments, you can read more about this on this page.

If you are a doctor or a therapist you can read more about this under Floww network for doctors and therapists.




 Various studies have shown that there is a link between radiation and certain illnesses.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has confirmed that the use of mobile phones increases the risk of geeting a brain tumour. More information from independent sources can be found on our Publications Page.

Ailments linked to radiation are:

 chronique fatigue  psychological problems 
 stress  high blood pressure
 headaches  flue-like syptoms
 lack of concentration  muscle pain
 listlessness  asthmatic conditions
 nausea  allergies


 skin problems
 restlessness (incl. ADHD)  general feelin of being ill at ease

It can take a while to find the right person to treat a radiation-related ailment.
To speed up this process for people suffering from these ailments, Floww International is building a network of radiation doctors and therapists.

The Floww for Life network is a network of independent health care professionals who are experienced in diagnosing and treating people who have been exposed to excessive amounts of radiation and people who have developed electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS).

Floww Doctors and Therapists Network

Floww International is setting up a network of health care professionals who specialise in radiation. For the sake of convenience we divide radiation specialists into two groups. The first group consists of doctors and therapists and the second group consists of construction biologists and other professionals who are interested in creating healthy homes and offices. A list of radiation specialists and theit contact information, linked to Floww International can be found on the Radiation Specialist Page. At present the majority of these specialists are based in the Netherlands and Belgium. Floww International would like to get in touch with more specialists world wide. Please contact us here. 

More information about our network of health care professionals who specialise in radiation is available
here .

I have tested Floww products for more than three-quarters of a year.
The Floww fields work on the "human system". They not only shield but also actively stabilize the body.
Among patients there are clear indications that certain therapies can be deployed more effectively by the home-equipped Floww field or even only by the sustainable use of a pocketFloww.
Manfred Denecke, Germany.- Bioanalytiker, Entwickler Bioenergetische Analyse- und Therapieverfahren nach M. Deneck ®







As heard on the Keith Scott-Mumby EMF Teleseminar




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Although the dangers of wireless are not yet clear - as much as was smoking in the past, common sense dictates that if the shape of matter is influenced by frequency then it is possible that powerful invading frequencies could effect the fragile sacred geometry that composes and maintains the health of all living things.