Testimonials (private use)


Jordi Loef, Zwanenburg (The Netherlands)

"I ended up with you, through the Alexander Institute in Venlo. My doctor there concluded that I am very sensitive to radiation, and alerted me to the possibilities at Floww Company. Being as therapy loyal as I am, I ordered screenFloww and mobileFloww the same day. As entrepreneur, I work a lot at the computer and make many calls on my mobile phone too. Since using these two Floww products, I can work a whole day behind my computer, without headaches, concentration problems, watery eyes, etc.and I can call as much as I want without getting a headache after a long call. Amazing!! Now I really ordered pocketFloww as well because the two other products are doing me so well".

R. Bouma, Sneek (The Netherlands)

“Thanks to the personalFloww I now have a much clearer head. I feel less agitated. The first day I took the personalFloww with me to work, was the first day I did not have a headache. This was a significant improvement. I still experience some dizziness when I take on too much tasks. These symptoms even increased in the week after I started using Floww. Perhaps these were withdrawal symptoms? During the first two weeks I also experienced some headaches when I got up in the morning, but as soon as I started sleeping with the personalFloww under my pillow, these almost entirely disappeared.”

J. de Bont, Tilburg (The Netherlands)

“The day after the placement of my homeFloww set, I was in my kitchen and experienced an extreme kind of ‘holiday feeling’: I felt as relaxed as I usually only feel after a few days on the campsite. My head felt calm, my body felt supple, and I actually felt happy. This struck me because it had been a long time since I had felt this way. From the moment I started using the personalFloww and the Floww drops, I also regained my clear thinking. Before, it sometimes felt as if I could not think properly; I was constantly confused and forgot what I was doing. I also had trouble holding a conversation: I often couldn’t come up with words or lost my point after two sentences.”

Edwin Wijsman, Noordwijk, commercial position in the flower import industry (The Netherlands)

“At the office I always spend a lot of time behind my two screens. Usually, after a few hours, I could feel my energy slipping away and at the end of the day I would have dry eyes and would feel exhausted. After purchasing the personalFloww, I felt a bit ill for a few days. I was nauseous and had a flu-like feeling. According to my therapist this could be seen as a detoxification process: now that my cell communication was being restored, a lot of substances that had been trapped in my cells were coming out.  At the moment I experience a calm and relaxed feeling in my body. In general I now also have a greater sense of inner peace. Thanks to Floww, everything is fine now and I have no more complaints.”

Hans IJtema, Nieuwehorne (The Netherlands)

“Our daughter had an extreme form of eczema and suffered from insomnia because of this. A homeopath ran some tests which showed she was overexposed to radiation, which, amongst other things, was expressed in her eczema. We then bought a personalFloww and saw her skin heal within weeks. She always wears the personalFloww now and sleeps well again.”

Wilma Postma, Garmerwolde (The Netherlands)

“In November 2011 I came in contact with Floww International. At that time my complaints had made me socially isolated: I just could not function amongst other people. Even my own house wasn’t liveable anymore. I could not watch TV or work behind the computer. Even my favourite hobby, gardening, or just sitting in the garden, became too much. When there was no safe place left in my home, I began to feel threatened by the radiation. After the placement of a homeFloww set, things finally improved. Since then I always carry a personalFloww with me when I go out. Now I can visit my children again or go shopping. I can recommend Floww Health Technology to everyone.”

C. Groos, Poortugaal, lawyer (The Netherlands)

 “I noticed that working behind a screen tired me excessively and caused an unnatural dullness. After I read about the possible effects of radiation, I bought the screenFloww. The positive effect astounded me! Now I can spend a full day behind a screen again without feeling exhausted.”

Testimonials (professional use)


Udo Grundmann, Construction Biologist

Test homeFloww set: 
After a construction biological research on geological interference zones, electric fields and electromagnetic radiation, a homeFloww set was installed and after one week the test were done once again. 
The results were very convincing and the homeFloww kit was purchased 
The construction biological survey indicated: 
• geological interference zones, multiple pathogenic places in the bedrooms 
• electric alternating fields with very high values in the sleeping and work areas.
(Power current, transformer houses and power lines for trains and trams, are not in the nearness). 
In the neighborhood there are 2 WLAN and 3 wireless base stations (telephone towers have a wide range), as electromagnetic radiation. The measured values for the bedrooms where too high, in relation to building biological guidelines. 
The following radio static image came up after installing the homeFloww set: 
• The high-frequency radiation could no longer be determined by means of test tubes. 
• The individual devices turned with electrical equipment, switches, sockets clockwise (= harmonized) 
• The geological interference zones were detected only minimal with differentiated measuring instruments at least in sight, which was found to be comfortable (I think it's better if the geological conditions are detected minimal, as if they were completely eliminated).


V. Schechtl - Chamorro Monsted, MD:

"As a gynecologist, I am working in a busy practice. In the university hospital where I worked, I made policlinical days on which I saw a patient every 10 minutes. I am behind my computer all day to retrieve data, make input, etc. At the end of a day, I felt tired and stressed out. I thought that was usual because of my activities. When my husband gave me a screenFloww as radiation protection from the screen and said that could help, I was very skeptical. 
With some reluctance,I took the screenFloww with me. I tried the screenFloww for a month. During that month, I have tested the screenFloww extensively. I had put the screenFloww in my agenda and that agenda I laid in front of my computer.  From day one on, I felt marked improvement! 
I remained skeptical. I thought that is coincidence. 
This good, vital feeling remained after every day in the polyclinic. However the doubts remained. At the end of the month, again on one day I felt "empty". Now you see, I thought, influencing of frequencies is not possible. However, screenFloww was not in my agenda on that particular day! When the next day, with screenFloww, the empty feeling was gone again, I was convinced. I still notice the effect: through the screenFloww, I still experience a healthy fatigue, but the stressed out feeling, I do not experience any more". 

The working of the Floww products, prompted me to follow the biophysical medicine education this year. I am very curious how I will integrate the biophysical medicine and Floww in my daily practice as a gynecologist".


N. Westerman, doctor for acupuncture and biophysical medicine 

"The medicine is on the threshold of awareness and recognition that non-ionizing radiation constitutes a significant health risk and must be considered as a relevant pathogenic agent. Within the complementary medicine, this is assumed for years already. Within the common medicine for centuries, this has been the case. In the common medicine, it was mainly about natural occurring radiation on which individuals with health problems react. Traditionally is tried to limit the influence of unwanted radiation, by means of shielding. The range of measures that have been applied over the period, is very extensive varies from rational to extremely bizarre and exotic. 
Floww products are unique in their intention to bend the effect of undesirable radiation from negative into positive, rather than to block it . Although still a lot of research is needed, both to the effectiveness of the products as to the underlying physical principles, the first results in my practice are very promising."
Nico Westerman is the author of two books, "Bio-energy" and "Biophysical medicine".


Manfred Denecke, Bioanalytiker, Entwickler Bioenergetische Analyse- und Therapieverfahren nach M. Deneck ® 

"A new idea - the Floww-field"

I have tested Floww products for more than three-quarters of a year. 
The working of the Floww fields work on the "system human" not only shielding but also very active stabilizing and constructive. 

Moreover, the CE marking of the system and the recognizable scientific background of active ingredients that are proven in reliable test series, to me are a very convincing argument. 
In the area where the B.A.T. trainings are held, participants in the initial trainings program are exposed eight days to both the, out of the window visible, antennas as well as to the invisible Floww field. Here it comes again and again to perceptive observations. Participants also know the structure of exposure of course, still they are very surprised after two to three days, that they, especially late in the afternoon, still are concentrated and receptive to impressions and do not feel tired. This leads me back to the full effect of the Floww field, because we had previously installed a different system. Then these positive signs were not noticed. 

In the patient circuit, there are clear indications that certain therapies can be deployed more effective by the home-equipped Floww field or even only by the sustainable use of pocketFloww.

It is clear to all energetic active therapists that the successful therapy is only possible, if the by me as "nuclear or elementary-fault" defined areas of geopathy, electrical and high frequency loads stay away from the patients, if practice areas are also interference-free zones and if possible a personal Floww field is a permanent companion. The result is a very interesting symbiosis.






As heard on the Keith Scott-Mumby EMF Teleseminar




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Although the dangers of wireless are not yet clear - as much as was smoking in the past, common sense dictates that if the shape of matter is influenced by frequency then it is possible that powerful invading frequencies could effect the fragile sacred geometry that composes and maintains the health of all living things.