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Research into Floww® Health Technology

Floww International continually invests in research into the effects of Floww® Health Technology, both in terms of the effects on the user, as in terms of the effectiveness of the products. These studies are invariably conducted by authorized agencies and/or scientists. On this page you will find summaries of these studies. The full research reports can also be downloaded in PDF, when desired.


Noticeable effect on quality of life

Research institute Soffos from Rijen, which specializes in measuring the effectiveness of (medical) treatment methods, keeps track of the users’ experiences for Floww International. In this ongoing study users report on their experiences without any interference from Floww. This is done on basis of the well-known and internationally verified SF-36 questionnaire, which users must complete twice, with an interval of four months. In mainstream health care, the method used by Soffos is a well-accepted method to measure the quality of life.

Soffos meetresultaten

Soffos meetresultaten

The following aspects of health are measured in the research: physical functioning, vitality, health change, social functioning, emotional functioning, general health, mental health and absence of pain. The results indicate that after a four month period, the users of various Floww products on average feel 10 % better. With mental perception scoring lowest (5 %). And vitality, health changes and emotional functioning scoring best, with 11 %, 13 % and 15 % respectively. All observed changes were positive: so no negative changes have been averaged in the results.

 Conclusion on basis of the initial results (70 participants): there is a noticeable positive effect when using Floww products.



In2010, Floww® Health Technology products were tested in order to qualify for the mandatory CE-mark (ConformitĂ© EuropĂ©enne), the mark which indicates that products comply with European regulations. In particular, Floww® Health Technology products have to comply with the EMC Directive, in which EMC stands for Electromagnetic Compatibility. For this, the extent to which the devices affect other equipment, as well as the extent to which they themselves are affected by other devices, is examined.

The study was conducted by DARE!! Consultancy from Woerden, an independent testing institute that works in support of the CE-declaration. DARE!! Consultancy is accredited by the Dutch government agency. The CE-mark is displayed on all Floww products. This means that Floww® Health Technology products comply with the European Directive relating to electromagnetic compatibility: they have no disturbing effect on other electromagnetic devices, nor do other electromagnetic devices have a disturbing effect on the Floww products.

Please note that this study does not show that Floww products have a beneficial effect. It does show that they have an electromagnetic effect. A full research report can be downloaded here.

3. Report ROM Elektronik GmbH

In his research, Prof. Robert Mayr (Professor of Engineering) has been able to establish beyond a shadow of a doubt that Floww utilises the energy from harmful radiation to create a Natural Field.

Download the summary of this report

4. Doctors and Floww® Health Technology in their practices

  • “We investigate everyone for the effects of electromagnetic influences. When necessary we decide which Floww® products are needed and advise accordingly. Our patients and we, the professionals, are satisfied with the results. We have noticed that people become more rested, thus responding more positively to the therapy. Due to this interactive harmonisation, we too have less problems with all the radiation.”    
    Alexander Instituut, Drs. Van Walt van Praag, GP
  • "Young boy, 6 years old: restless,busy,uncouth, easily distracted but sometimes obsessive, difficult to handle. Diagnosed through the Dutch mental health authorities(GGZ): Attention Deficit Disorder. Suggested by the (GGZ)psychiatrist: ritalin or concerta. Mother (single parent) not very happy with this Test: electromagnetic strain (response to Silicea D1000), food analysis for sugar and additives. Measures taken: change diet to include fish oil, vitamin E, inositol, Floww drops. Initial increase in negative behaviour, but gradual improvement. After 4 weeks: calm,able to concentrate, still uncouth sometimes, improved diet, although some resistance (he steals sugar), no longer any electromagnetic strain measurable. Mother: he will never be easy, but this is a lot better".
    Dr. Nico Westerman, doctor
  • “Floww works in an active way to stabilise and build up. Floww supports ones concentration and vitality. Also therapies are more effective when a homeFloww is installed or through consistent use of the pocketFloww“.
    Manfred Denecke, bio analyst and developer of the biophysical ‘Analyse and Therapiemethode Denecke®’

    An important secondary goal of Floww is the establishment and development of an international network of professionals in the field of radiation and health. We have seen that there is a great need for treatment for radiation-related complaints.  In the meantime, there are hundreds of professionals using Floww every day.

5. Outcome Research of the Effect of Floww Health Technology on plants and crops by Groeibalans 

In 2011 research was started to monitor the effects on Buxus and Prunus. Both crops are of great economical importance within the tree cultivation business and both are fighting problems with disease.The goal of the tests was to observe and measure if there were any effects after treatment with Floww products.

Floww plant

Conclusion: improved absorption of difficult to absorb minerals, namely calcium, magnesium, sulphur and phosphate, and soil improvement.

During this intensive research direct influences became apparent, particularly in the area of mineral uptake and soil improvement. Both results were demonstrated through, amongst other things, plantsap-analyses and soilchromas. 

"This technique certainly has a future in agriculture, particularly regarding mineral  deficiencies and the uptake of them, which is a problem generally in the business. Additionally the issues of the soil improvement and the immune system of the plant, present great challenges. Floww-products appear to be able to offer support in improving soil quality".
R. Jochems, research leader Groeibalans

6. CE-mark Floww® Health Technology

On 15th July 2010 Floww received the CE-mark from the official body for the EMC-directive, ‘D.A.R.E.!! Consultancy BV from Woerden in the Netherlands. The CE-mark is the commercial recognition from the European Community for virtually all electronic devices sold or used within the European Economic Region. It is the proof, for the government and the user, that the product meets all applicable directives for safety and compatibility.  The CE recognition directive (93/68/EEC) was set up on 22nd July 1993.

Download the report

7. Floww International secures a place in the MKB Innovation Top 100 competition

On Monday 4th June 2012  Syntens Innovatiecentrum, NL Octrooicentrum (Dutch patent centre), Mercedes-Benz and NRC Handelsblad presented the ranking list of 100 best innovations. This top 100 is considered the most important prize in innovation for companies in this size category.






As heard on the Keith Scott-Mumby EMF Teleseminar




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