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How Floww Products Work

To clearly explain the operation of Floww products we would like to use an article by Drs Nico Westerman, published in the February 2013 edition of the Journal of Integrative Medicine. Nico Westerman has been a General Practitioner in Dordrecht for 19 years. Today he is a consultant in acupuncture and biophysical medicine. He is also the author of several articles and books on the scientific basis of non-conventional medicine. These include the article "Radiation and the electromagnetic regulation level of the human body”, which is shown here in an abbreviated version:

Condition for life

Since the beginning of time, long before physics discovered the existence of electromagnetism and other forms of radiation, there has been an awareness that certain rays exist in nature and that these rays can affect us, both negatively and positively. The shielding off of radiation has probably also been an issue of all times. Consider the advice to move the bed or the Faraday cage, which was developed to keep (electromagnetic) radiation out. The major drawback of such shielding methods is that positive radiation is also blocked, including radiation that can be considered essential to our health. There are strong indications that, for example, Schumann waves (which arise in the ionosphere) and the geomagnetic field of the earth have very beneficial effects on biological systems. One could almost regard them as a condition for life.

New approach

In recent years there have been several new approaches to the radiation phenomenon. The first development was that people are no longer seen as unresisting victims of external radiation. It is now assumed that they more or less determine themselves to what extent natural radiation and technical environment radiation affect their health negatively. It has long been known that not everyone who is exposed to radiation reacts in the same way. For instance, it can happen that of a couple who sleeps in the same bed, only one has serious health problems related to radiation exposure, while the other has no problems at all. This is an indication that not only the physical state, but also the psychological and even the spiritual condition of a person is decisive to the effect that radiation might have: a negative mental attitude could make the effects of radiation on the living and working environment much more damaging.

The second development is closely linked to the renewed attention that the Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui has received in the Western world. The central vision here is not only that the surrounding space influences a human being in all its aspects, but also that there is an energetic-informational interaction between man and environment. One that, quite unlike the previous approaches, can work out not only negative, but also positive. In this approach, the shielding off of radiation receives much less attention. The emphasis is rather on making changes in the home and office which influence the energy of the living and working environment in such a positive way that radiation is stripped of its negative effects.

Floww field

Parallel to this new perspective on the phenomenon of radiation, an almost revolutionary new approach has been developed by Dutchman Jim Wagenaar in recent years. This concerns the so-called Floww products, a series of devices and appliances which are worn on the body or placed in homes and offices. The principle behind these products - and this is what makes them revolutionary - is that, with the energy of the radiation present in the living and working environment, they generate an electromagnetic field that counteracts the negative effects of radiation on biological systems. The devices comprise an electronic circuit of which the core consists of an induction coil and a capacitor.

In electronics such a circuit is referred to as a resonant circuit, because it can be used to generate an electromagnetic field. The metal casing of the Floww products acts as an antenna and is connected to the resonant circuit. This antenna is sensitive to a broad spectrum of frequencies. Radiation from the environment in this range of frequencies is collected and, as any reception antenna does, transformed into an alternating electric current (AC). This current activates the electronic circuit in which the inductor and capacitor are included. As a result, an electromagnetic field is generated which is emitted by the antenna. The frequency of the emitted electromagnetic field is determined by the properties of the coil and the capacitor, not by the frequency of the electromagnetic signals picked up. Floww products generate an electromagnetic field with very low frequencies. The manufacturer calls this field the Floww-field.


To summarize, the working of Floww can most easily be understood as that of an electronic transformer. External radiation in a wide wavelength range is transformed by the circuit into a specific and consistent electromagnetic field. The energy required for the generation of this field is completely supplied by the radiation present in the environment. There is a dose response relationship between the intensity of the environmental radiation and the strength of the Floww-field. Thus, the stronger the radiation, the higher the intensity of the field produced by the Floww equipment. An approach similar to that used by judo and other Asian sports: the strength of the opponent is used to defeat him.

Would you like to learn more about how Floww works? The full article by Drs Nico Westerman can be downloaded here.






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