Radiation Protection At Work


 There may be sources of radiation in the workplace that can have an adverse effect on your health and energy and the health and energy of your staff or colleagues. The Dutch Ministry for Social Affairs and Employment mentions on its website:

"Employees can be exposed to electromagnetic fields while they work. Electromagnetic fields can be created by the use of computers, mobile phones, welding equipment and transmitting devices. The exposure of employees to these electromagnetic fields can pose health risks."



Employers who wish to promote wellbeing at work can ask themselves the following questions:

  • Does radiation affect the wellbeing of my staff? 
  • Does radiation affect the level of sickness absence within my organisation? 
  • Does radiation affect the productivity of my staff or simply their sense of job satisfaction? 

Many organisations and companies are aware that employees sometimes experience symptoms without an obvious cause. Employees and employers are both confronted with problems such as burn-out, stress and RSI which result in sickness absence. Larger organisations with several branches often find that these ailments and the ensuing sickness absence are significantly higher than average in certain branches without being able to discover why this is the case.

We believe that radiation can be an important factor in sickness absence - a factor that is still radically underestimated or even ignored. We see an obvious link between radiation and the various causes of sickness absence.

Floww products have been developed to strengthen and improve vitality by eliminating the adverse effects of radiation as much as possible. Companies and health centres that use Floww products report dramatic improvements throughout the whole of the working environment.

Floww Solutions For Companies and Organisations

For companies we have developed an officeFloww set which is specially designed for an office environment. We have also developed separate products for personal and professional use for two specific sources of radiation - the screenFloww for computer and television screens and the mobileFloww for mobile and DECT cordless phones.
You can create your own customised Floww system or simply order one of our products to experience the effect.

"Since using these two Floww products, I can work a whole day behind my computer, without headaches, concentration problems, watery eyes, etc.and I can call as much as I want without getting a headache after a
long call. Amazing!!"
Jordi Loef, Zwanenburg (a consumer)

Specially tailored Floww system:

1. an officeFloww set with a range of up to 3000 m3 (download information)

2. a screenFloww for each screen (download pdf)

3. a mobileFloww for each mobile and DECT cordless phone (download pdf)

4. a 30-day free trial with a money-back guarantee

If you have any questions about the installation or use of Floww products please contact us here. 






As heard on the Keith Scott-Mumby EMF Teleseminar




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Although the dangers of wireless are not yet clear - as much as was smoking in the past, common sense dictates that if the shape of matter is influenced by frequency then it is possible that powerful invading frequencies could effect the fragile sacred geometry that composes and maintains the health of all living things.